7 Things We Never Go To The Beach Without

We like the beach, you like the beach. Enough said. Here are the 7 products we NEVER go to the beach without!

1.  A Yeti Hopper - gone are the days of lugging a cooler all the way to the beach. The new Yeti Hopper is light weight, has a padded shoulder sling, and is overall the best cooler we've ever had, on and off the water. Stop lugging in sweat, start strolling in style. 

 Yeti Hopper
2.  Nectar Sunglasses - **plug for a local Charleston business** Block out the haters, attract the beach goers and the adventure doers. They look good on LITERALLY everyone and not to mention, they come with a LIFETIME warranty. Yeah, you heard that correctly. If they break, they will replace them for free! Take that, Ray-Ban. Plus they don't break the bank or look anything like the $5 pair you're trying to rock from the gas station. 

Nectar Sunglasses
3.  Cosmiso Waterproof Speaker - going to the beach without a waterproof speaker is like going to the beach with a foam cooler. Don't be the person with the foam cooler.  Plus how are you going to listen to the Chuck Waters Summer Spotify Playlist the whole time if you can't bring the speaker down to the water to cool off? Beats us (get it, beats). 

Waterproof Speaker
4.  Slammo - Forget drawing lines in the sand to play a game, it's time to take it to the next level. All you need is between 2 and 8 friends, some (decent) hand-eye coordination, and your Chuck Waters apparel, obviously. Now you'll be on a whole new level. Time to slap some balls around.

5.  SPF 100+ Sunscreen - Yes, I'm a ginger (redhead). Yes, I wear a ton of sunscreen. Yes, I still get burnt. Moving on...

6.  Inflatable Giant Flamingo - So we actually don't have this but we REALLY want it. So if anyone is willing to go in and split it, shoot us an email. We may just invite you out on the water with us to ya know... hang out on a GIANT PINK FLAMINGO. 

Flamingo Float
7.  Chuck Waters Gear - obviously we rock Chuck Waters at the beach! You can rock it to, all you have to do is buy it. Easy day. You're beach ready. 

Chuck Waters

    Those are the 7 things we always take to the beach. Let us know in the comments below what you take and what you think of this blog! Want more like this? Want less like this? Let us know!

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